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NUJ calls for review of pay and contracts at RTÉ

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24 July 2017

Following the publication of high earning journalists and presenters at the BBC, the NUJ has called for an external review of employment contracts and practices at RTÉ.  

Séamus Dooley, NUJ acting general secretary, said the union had serious concerns about a variety of employment contracts, with particular reference to gender. He also highlighted concerns at pay disparities within RTÉ, where staff employed at Radió na Gaeltachta are paid at a different rate to national radio journalists. He said:

“There is a need for a review of employment practices in RTÉ. The pay gap highlighted in recent days is reflective of wider problems within RTÉ.  We need an independent review of employment contracts to establish the extent of the gender pay gap across the organisation, not just among employees but between those engaged as contractors.

"The NUJ has particular concerns at the wide variety of contracts offered by RTÉ and for a number of years we have been demanding clarity on the rationale for offering people doing the exact same job different types of contracts.  We have still not received a satisfactory explanation as to why some journalists are offered staff contracts and others are forced to accept self-employed contracts for service. There are no objective criteria and we do not accept that “editorial prerogative” is sufficient grounds for not treating workers equally.

"It is important to stress that this is a problem across the organisation and not just in News & Current Affairs.  The NUJ intends seeking the support of the RTÉ trade union group and sister unions for our request for an independent review of employment contracts. The gender divide is not just about pay – it is also about work practices, which can inhibit the career development of women within the organisation.

"The time has also come for RTÉ to address linguistic discrimination within the State broadcaster. Radió na Gaeltachta is a national radio station providing a national service and there is no justification for the policy of paying RnaG journalists less than their colleagues based in Dublin.”

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