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NUJ backs calls for BSkyB Commons debate

11 July 2011

The NUJ has added its voice to demands for a debate in the Commons on Wednesday on the proposed BSkyB deal.

Michelle Stanistreet, NUJ General Secretary, said:

"It is vital that this deal is halted until the results of the criminal investigation and the public inquiry are publicly available. A survey carried out at the weekend shows that only one in ten members of the public believes Murdoch is a 'fit and proper person' to run BSkyB – a damning insight into the scale of public anger about this scandal.
"The News of the World may have gone, but the scandal remains. With every day that passes, the extent of the cover up perpetrated at the highest level of News International becomes clear. The 'smoking gun' emails have been known about for at least four years and level of the hush money payments forked out has been staggering.
"Yet Rupert Murdoch flies in and pledges his 'total' support for Rebekah Brooks, rather than publicly condemn what has happened under her watch.
"This whole scandal has also unveiled the extent to which News International executives and our political masters have been hand in glove. This cosy relationship, played out in the Cotswold countryside and Number 10 itself, highlights the disturbing influence Rupert Murdoch has carved out for himself in the British political landscape. This has to stop.
"Any future press regulatory system must work to ensure the public can have trust in its media, in the democratically vital service that journalism is. The 'fit and proper' test of media ownership should now be applied to all of Murdoch's press and media in the UK."

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