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Newsquest's Henry Faure Walker must intervene and stop the cuts in Lancashire

23 October 2014

Newsquest editor Kevin Young sent a letter to staff on Tuesday 22 October announcing redundancies at the Lancashire Telegraph.

In response, the union has demanded Newsquest's chief executive intervenes immediately.

Chris Gee, the Telegraph's NUJ FoC, said:

"Everyone in this newsroom is shocked to the core by the brutality of these cuts. It demonstrates that Newsquest have no interest investing in or even maintaining the quality of The Lancashire Telegraph and associated titles. Excellent, professional trainee reporters who already work countless hours above their contracts have been told their jobs are redundant.
"One of the young reporters hauled into an office to be told her job was going was only last week shortlisted by the NCTJ for a national award for her reporting excellence. Another affected reporter was sent on a residential course to study for her final NQJ exams the day after the announcement.
"This shows the journalists selected are not only competent, but excellent. Nobody here can comprehend how we can continue to produce a quality product with so few staff."

Jane Kennedy, NUJ assistant organiser Northern and Midlands region, said:

"Over the last year, Newsquest have unfolded a strategy that seems to have no regard for their employees or the production of a quality product.
"The move to Newport subbing hub of titles from the North East and North West continues to produce endless errors and in the very moment that titles are moving from Blackburn and staff are struggling to handle this chaotic move – they have been battered with the announcement of substantial cuts to their already devastated workforce.
"There is no evidence that Newsquest have any regard for their duty of care obligations to employees and the NUJ calls on Henry Faure Walker to step in immediately and halt this process."

The NUJ chapel will be meeting on Monday.

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