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Newspaper Society AGM targeted by campaign against cuts

14 May 2009

The NUJ has taken its campaign against cuts in the media to the headquarters of the Newspaper Society.

As senior managers of the UK newspaper industry arrived for their annual general meeting this morning, they were met with a leaflet reading: "Wanted – for the killing of local journalism".

The handout was a hit with passers-by and visitors to the other organisations who share the same London building.

The meeting was due to be addressed by Michael Pelosi of Northcliffe, John Fry of Johnston Press and Mark Dodson of Guardian Media – all of whom have overseen big cuts to jobs and the moving of local paper journalists out of the communities they serve.

Jeremy Dear, NUJ General Secretary, said:

"The owners of these big newspaper companies have squandered huge profits which could have been used to bolster local journalism and invest in the communities they claim to serve.
"Now they are all getting together to lobby the government to allow them to own ever bigger regional monopolies with ever more remote news factories.
"And they use their enormous resources to squeeze out any truly local competition.
"We urge them to stay in the communities they serve and to produce quality newspapers and websites that people want to read – or to leave the way clear for new media start ups that can do the job properly."

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