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New charter a guide for PR professionals

18 October 2010

The NUJ has endorsed the Media Spamming Charter, which offers guidelines to public relations professionals on how to work more effectively.

If PR professionals deluge journalists with email press releases, regardless of their relevance to the particular journalist, it is termed media spamming. 

The Chartered Institute of Public Relations, Public Relations Consultants Association and Investor Relations Society say inappropriate and poorly targeted PR material leads to tensions between PR professionals and journalists, and may harm the PR professional’s chance of generating coverage for other, more relevant, press releases in future.

Journalists are likely to delete emails from anyone with a reputation for spamming.

The charter was drawn up after a round table discussion among industry figures.

The NUJ says it is committed to fostering an atmosphere of co-operation and mutual respect across the media, along with high standards of professionalism from all members.

Members in the PR sector are already expected to abide by the NUJ's ethical guidelines.

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