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New agreement on pay and conditions at LexisNexis

23 April 2010

NUJ members working for legal publishers LexisNexis have accepted a new agreement on pay and conditions. The deal was successfully negotiated by the NUJ.

Fiona Swarbrick, NUJ organiser, said:

"The talks were conducted in a welcome spirit of openness and good will. There's to be a a flat-rate increase due from April 1 of £450 (full-time) to all employees up to a threshold where that £450 becomes equivalent to 1.3% of the basic (full-time) annual salary. For salaries above this, a 1.3% increase will apply.
"Members have voted to accept the offer. While it won't change any lives, it does represent a positive step forward, in a climate where many employers continue to freeze levels of pay."

In addition to the pay rise for all NUJ members, the deal also includes the following:

  • Commitment to consider all reasonable and alternative ways to avoid compulsory redundancies
  • Commitment to review a redundancy framework agreement proposed by the NUJ
  • Talks on a pay/grading structure
  • Pay equality audit
  • Talks on flexible working, with a view to reviewing the existing policy and considering further options.

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