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London conference hears of challenges facing journalists

29 January 2008

Richard Brennan

Jeremy Dear, NUJ general secretary, has called on journalists to take a stand on quality journalism, ethics and reporters' rights.

He was speaking after New Threats to Media Freedom conference in London on 26 January. The confernece was organised by the Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom, a group campaigning for diverse and democratic media.

Other speakers included Peter Wilby, former editor of the Independent on Sunday, Victoria Brittain, who spoke on the narrowing of the news spectrum, and Mark Stephens, whose topic was "Journalists and the Law".

Jeremy Dear reminded journalists of the dangers faced by their colleagues across the world, including the record number of journalists killed in 2008.

Speaking shortly after the conference, Jeremy Dear said:

"We've heard today about many of the challenges facing journalists in the modern media world, but I have left the conference with a sense of hope.
"You can sense a growing resistance to attacks on public service broadcasting, to the lack of investment in local and national newspapers and to restrictions on reporting. The challenge now is to take the debate from the conference room to the workplace.
"By coming together in the union, journalists have the potential to make a real difference to the world in which they work."

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