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London Assembly's Fiona Twycross visits picket line

Fiona Twycross with the strikers  -  © nuj

27 October 2016

It's day nine and the strike is going fine.

Newsquest south London members were delighted to meet  Labour’s London Assembly economy spokesperson, Fiona Twycross, on a nippy morning on the picket line.

Fiona has been a huge supporter of the journalists and her committee intends to launch an inquiry into the future of the press in the capital. She said:

“Local media provision in London is fundamental to local democracy, informing Londoners of key issues in their local area. Newsquest’s proposals to significantly reduce their workforce will compromise the quality of our local newspapers and their ability to provide the most up to date news for Londoners.
“I support the NUJ in their campaign to get the best local media provision and working conditions for their journalists to ensure that Londoners have access to the latest news and information. I urge Newsquest to reconsider their proposals.”

In a message to other Newsquest members, the chapel said:

"The chapel is feeling strong and morale is still high. The message is getting across that there are far too few people in the newsroom to do the job. The #Cutsquest twitter account is getting lots of tweets and followers. Tell members our campaign is far from over.  We will be on indefinite work to rule from Monday and further strike action is also an option."

Newsquest members were warned that the proposal at Newsquest south London to cut the price per page from £109 to £53, with the stated aim of £50, is a dangerous precedent and must be resisted. A chapel spokesperson said:

 "The support our chapel has received so far has been humbling and inspiring. Our fight will continue into the coming weeks and months and we urge other NUJ chapels and branches across the country to remain vigilant to similar threats to their newsrooms." 

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