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Little joy in Yorkshire over paltry pay rise

31 October 2014

The NUJ's joint Yorkshire Post-Yorkshire Evening Post chapel has reluctantly accepted a pay offer of £591 across the board, effective from July 1.

But members are angry that they are expected to suffer another real-terms pay cut, following previous pay deals which have led to their salaries falling by 15 per cent since 2008. At the same time, they are expected to take on more responsibilities and work harder and longer. The chapel noted that senior Johnston Press  (JP) management were still able to reward themselves handsomely.

The chapel warned JP that the effective pay cuts of more than £2,000 a head, plus the threatened loss of car parking for all staff in Leeds from February, would be especially damaging to staff, their families and morale which is already at rock bottom, as management is only too aware from staff surveys.

A statement from the joint chapel said:

"Continuing to rip-off employees  will ultimately damage the newspapers and digital products and further weaken the prospects of Johnston Press making a recovery. The chapel gives notice of its intention to use all means necessary, including legal action to pursue the company over realistic and reasonable rewards for staff.”

The chapel sent a letter to management making clear their unhappiness.

This week the company's interim management statement showed a double of mobile phone audiences, a 19 per cent increase in digital revenues for the quarter and its overall debt reduced by a third to less than £200m. The company said it remained on target to return to growth, but said it would be making more "efficiency savings".

Cuts are not the way forward, says NUJ, as jobs go at Scotsman and further "efficiency savings" planned

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