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Leicestershire police to issue press badges

8 October 2010

Leicestershire police have said that they plan to issue their own press badges to journalists working at the English Defence League (EDL) protest on 9 October in Leicester. The NUJ has condemned the plan.

The badges will be issued at a press briefing at 10am on Saturday in Leicester.

The police have stressed that the badges are not compulsory and media workers can simply carry them in their pockets.

Jeremy Dear, NUJ general secretary, said:

"The NUJ is not advising members to wear the badges provided by the police.
"The UK Press Card is the only recognised form of identification for journalists and is accepted as the legitimate and verifiable form of identification by the Association of Chief Police Officers and media organisations.
"The NUJ does not accept that the additional form of identification is necessary. Any media worker who declines to wear the badge should not be prevented from carrying out their normal professional activities."

The police have issued an emergency contact telephone number for Saturday – 07791325640

For NUJ members in an emergency please contact the NUJ – 07921700352

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