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#jesuisCharlie NUJ flag placed outside Charlie Hebdo offices

11 January 2015

An NUJ flag was attached to outside of the offices of Charlie Hebdo, this morning, by a union delegation which will be marching alongside French trade unions and families of the murdered journalists in Paris.

Huge numbers are expected to take part in the rally, attended by many of the   maworld’s leaders, as a show of solidarity to support the freedom of the press and to offer sympaphy to the families of the 17 killed in three days of terror in the French capital.

Michelle Stanistreet, NUJ general secretary, and Seamus Dooley, the NUJ Irish Secretary, placed an NUJ poster among the many tributes at the Place de la Republique. The NUJ delegation, which also includes Andy Smith, NUJ joint-president.

She said she hoped the "global outrage" over the attempt to silence the free press would focus attention on the risks taken every day by reporters across the world.

"We are here to show solidarity and support to our sister unions here in France."

The delegation met colleagues from the 500-member Paris branch as they prepared for the march. The branch had released a statement:

“This is not the first time that enemies of press freedom have attempted to muzzle  journalists who use their pens to ridicule all purveyors of hatred. Beyond the massacre committed at Charlie Hebdo, the principles of liberty of expression are at stake: freedom to criticize, the caricature and to denounce. It is appropriate to quote Albert Londres: “Our job is neither to please people or to do them wrong, it is to use our pens to go to the heart of things even if it hurts.”
"This is also an attempt to kill democracy itself. Our enemies seek to destroy intelligence, humour and culture. We have a duty to strive to honour the memory of our colleagues at Charlie Hebdo who were preparing a special anti-racism edition in rejecting and denouncing extremists with their message of intolerance and hate.
"The extraordinary upsurge of solidarity in France and in many other European countries is a wonderful boost for defenders of these treasures liberties – above all the freedom of expression.”

  NUJ Paris branch prepare for Charlie Hebdo march

 Photo: Jess Hurd

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