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IFJ launches global campaign to promote international press card


26 June 2015

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) has today launched an international campaign to promote the International Press Card (IPC), a global press pass delivered by the Federation and widely recognised by public officials in more than 134 countries.

Jim Boumelha, IFJ president, said:

"Telling the truth too often comes at a price and journalists deserve the best protection when travelling overseas as well as when reporting on the ground.
"The IFJ international press card is an instantly and internationally recognisable professional identification. It has helped many of our colleagues get out of tricky situations in dealing with soldiers, police or officials."

First launched in 1927 at the IFJ’s second World Congress in Dijon, France, the IPC is the oldest and most reputable identification for working journalists across the globe. The IFJ international press card is the only delivered to bona fide journalists and media staff, both employed and independent, who are members professional organisations.

Jim Boumelha added:

"The IPC is not only about safety and recognition of professional journalists. It is also a symbol of solidarity amongst media professionals and a commitment to the ethical standards that the IFJ abides by."

In the upcoming months, the IFJ will launch a series of promotion activities around the IPC and its new slogan "the IPC gets you where the story takes you."

Individual journalists who are members of one of the IFJ affiliates can order a card through their representative organisation.

For more information about the IPC and its benefits, visit the IFJ website.

Visit the NUJ web page for all the NUJ press and membership cards.

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