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IFJ film screening in London: Disparity

Disparity  -  © Private

16 October 2019

The National Union of Journalists (NUJ) has teamed up with the International Transport Workers Federation (ITF) and the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) to organise a free film screening of Disparity on Tuesday 22 October in London starting at 18.00.

Book your free place today by emailing:

With inequality at unprecedented levels, reducing the appalling disparity between the rich and poor is arguably one of the most critical issues facing humankind today.

There hasn’t been a major film about the biggest issue of our time. Until now.

Global influencers led by Stephen Fry and Deepak Chopra will be sharing the film and using the hashtag #ourdisparity to call for world leaders to tackle the systemic disparity which blights the world.

In Disparity, film activist Renu Mehta exposes the reality behind the $150bn foreign aid industry. With narration by Sir Ben Kingsley, led by 8 Nobel laureates, an all-star cast from all continents who aim to dispel the myths about foreign aid. The film Disparity demands an inclusive, human-centred and more progressive foreign aid policy and greater press freedoms.

Renu Mehta said:

"Giving to global charities is great but it’s not enough, if people want to fix the structural problems of rampant inequality and poverty that ravage more than half the world's populations people should Take The Tiger Tim Challenge 'To Swap 2 hours of Entertainment to make a stand for Equality'. To ditch the addictive box sets, reality tv shows and gaming consoles to watch Disparity film - a big picture awakening that examines how governments spend our taxpayers’ money. People can nominate someone they know or a celebrity on social media to take the same challenge. Citizens are key to this aid transformation. Millions of us need to speak up and take action, to reverse the appalling global disparities, to help change the destinies of those trapped in poverty."

The premiere marks the launch of the Real Aid Campaign which is actively transforming aid policies to deliver more aid more directly through frontline organisations.

Jeremy Dear, IFJ general secretary, said:

"Media at its best exposes fraud, challenges beliefs and brings about change. Nowhere is such an analysis more vital than in the field of development. Billions are poured in to aid yet globally disparity and poverty are on the rise. As part of this campaign we want to encourage more media investigations, more journalistic scrutiny and, as a result, more social justice." 

Book your free place for the film screening in London on Tuesday 22 October at 18.00 by emailing:

The screening will take place at the International Transport Workers Federation HQ, purohit conference room, 4th floor, ITF House, 49-60 Borough Road, London.

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