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How good is your job?

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23 January 2020

Is your job good or bad? If so, how much better or worse is it than other people's jobs? These judgements are often made on flimsy evidence.

But by completing this quiz, you will be able to see how your job compares in several ways to those in similar jobs to yours as well as against the average job in Britain. Your job will be rated along a number of dimensions and your results will be shown graphically at the end of the quiz. It will take around 5 minutes to complete.

The quiz does not ask you to provide any identifiable information and so the answers you give cannot be traced back to you. By completing the quiz, however, the anonymous data you provide will be collected by the Cardiff University-led team.

This information may be used to write reports for two trade unions – the NUJ and GMB – who are promoting this version of the quiz. You do not have to answer all the questions and you can exit the quiz at any time.  More information


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