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Heavy-handed Olympics security guards stop photographers

23 April 2012

Photographers taking pictures outside the Olympic site have been forcibly stopped from filming by security staff.

Two guards from the security firm G4S clamped their hands on the lenses of the photographers, even though the footage was being shot on public land.

NUJ member Jess Hurd was with five photographers and video journalists who were taking pictures on the perimeter of the Olympic site in Stratford when they had their cameras blocked. She said:

"This is very significant, because obviously we were on public land. They've got no right to do that with anyone. At no point did they ask to see any ID, so whether we were professionals or not didn't come into it."

Earlier this month, the NUJ arranged a meeting with the police in charge of Olympic security to seek assurances that the media would not be harassed on public land.

Roy Mincoff, NUJ legal officer said:

"While we recognise the need for security, it must be lawful, proportionate and necessary. If it is not, and if NUJ members are assaulted or unlawfully prevented from legitimately conducting their work, prevented from reporting or having their equipment or materials unlawfully taken, the NUJ will take all appropriate steps to protect our members' interests."

Read the story on the London Photographers' Brach website.

Watch video of the incident on the Guardian's website.

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