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Guidelines on bullying, harassment and discrimination for reps, officials and members

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9 October 2014

The Federation of Entertainment Unions' (FEU) produced a code of conduct on bullying, harassment and discrimination in the workplace. It has published it together with a set of guidelines for staff and freelance workers.

The guidelines explain the difference between bullying, harassment and discrimination. The FEU is working with employers and organisations in the creative industries to adopt its code.

The code of conduct is part of the Creating with Conflict campaign, which commissioned a  survey last year that found the creative industries are a "hotspot" for bullying.

The results, which were published in January, showed shocking levels of ill-treatment, inappropriate behaviour and a culture of silence, with only one-third of those suffering bullying and harassment reporting the incidents.

The survey found that eight in 10 women (81 per cent) who reported bullying, harassment and discrimination said their gender was a factor. Age was a significant factor, with those in the youngest and oldest age groups being most affected; just over half (51 per cent) of those aged 51- 60 and 16-30.

The code of conduct says that having company-wide policies on bullying, harassment and discrimination and procedures are essential in the workplace. It also says that it is vital that freelance and casual workers are included in the policies and procedures.

The guidelines set out advice and procedures for dealing with bullying for staff members and freelance workers. They can be used by workers who believe they are being bullied and by union reps and officials.

The NUJ is a member of the FEU, along with BECTU, Equity, The Musicians Union, the PFA, Unite and The Writers Guild of Great Britain.

Further information:

Stop Bullying – NUJ handbook.

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