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Greek media workers hold 24-hour strike

30 November 2010

Greece's journalists and media workers are holding a 24-hour nationwide strike. Their action is in response to the abolition of collective trade union agreements, the violation of labour laws, attacks on pension rights and mass redundancies.

The country's journalists' unions, along with other unions representing media workers under the auspices of the Panhellenic Federation of Journalists Unions (POESY), are demanding the signing of collective agreements and the safeguarding of media jobs.

Michelle Stanistreet, NUJ Deputy General Secretary said:

"The NUJ sends its strong support and solidarity to Greek journalists taking part in strike action. A victory in this dispute would be of benefit not only to those directly involved but also for other journalists across Europe.
"We all face attacks on trade union rights, jobs and conditions and in response unity is our strength. We wish the strike every success."

The strike has been organised by both the print and broadcast media, starts on Tuesday, 30 November at 06:00 and will end on Wednesday, 1 December, at 06:00.

Other UK trade unions are sending support messages to the Greek strikers.

"The Bakers, Food & Allied Workers Union of Britain and Ireland send a solidarity to Greek Journalists in their struggle to defend trade union rights. The struggle of the journalists in Greece is the struggle of us all and we stand full square behind our sisters and brothers in their struggle."

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