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Grampian police 'Trumped' by documentary

15 June 2011

Journalists in Scotland are welcoming an "extraordinary" documentary that exposes the relationship between controversial American billionaire Donald Trump and Grampian police.

Paul Holleran, NUJ Scottish organiser, said:

"The film 'You've been trumped' raises some essential questions that should be directed towards the Trump organisation, the Scottish Government and Grampian Police.
"Of course, there is the whole planning question, tying in environmental issues and how inward investment plans are handled.
"However, we are concerned at the way Grampian Police appear to be perceived as a private force for the American billionaire and his team, culminating in the arrest and confiscation of the film equipment of two highly professional and well-respected journalist film-makers.
"I did intervene at the time and sought assurances from the constabulary that they are not operating a policy of interfering with journalists who were carrying out their bona fide duties by investigating complaints from local residents. This is an important film for our time and certainly highlights the need for a healthy, functioning Scottish press to hold powerful people to account."

Read more about the documentary.

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