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Glasgow Herald reps urged to sign away rights

22 January 2009

Management have told the NUJ that voluntary redundancies at the Glasgow Herald and Evening Times are on hold until the union reps sign away their rights to take legal action for victimisation.

They want the fathers of the chapel (FoCs) to leave next week and be paid until March as part of the redundancy trawl. The union had recently submitted grievances and tribunal claims on behalf of three FoCs for victimisation under trade union and disibility discrimination laws.

The compromise agreement proposed by Newsquest management is far short of any settlement a tribunal would give to a successful claimant.

Paul Holleran, NUJ Scottish Organiser, said:

"Putting the redundancy process on hold is a bizarre decision, as they have been more than keen to get people out of the door as soon as possible.
"Now they are blocking anyone going. Does that meant the union has successfully stopped the redundancies?"

Herald management have also demanded that everyone, including those who have volunteered for redundancy, must go for interviews for new posts. A reshuffle means 250 journalists' jobs are being reduced to 210.

Paul Holleran added:

"This is strange as apparently the first question to applicants is 'are you committed to working under the new structure?'.
"Obviously not if they have already applied for redundancy. The words shambles and embarrassing come to mind, but not necessarily in that order."

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