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Give communities the chance to save their local paper

16 December 2014

As Local World closes down two newspapers, the NUJ has called on proprietors to allow the local community the chance of saving titles.

The Burton Advertiser free-sheet published its last edition this week and the piad-for Uttoxeter Post and Times will close next month.

Chris Morley, Northern and Midlands organiser, said:

"The loss of any title, particularly those that contain unique content and that fight for sales to readers in their community, is to be regretted. It is a relief that these closures do not come with staff losing their jobs, but I think it is important that companies looking to end publications justify their decision to the communities they were happy to take circulation and advertising revenue from for years. It is not good enough to airbrush them suddenly from history.
"There is also the possibility of opening up use of the titles to others who might be able to make a go of it - a principle the NUJ is pursuing through the Localism Act to make local newspapers able to come under the Community Asset Transfer process whereby local bidders are encouraged to come forward."

The NUJ has called for a national inquiry into the future of local papers.

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