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Giro d'Italia, Jerusalem & journalists

IFJ leaflet  -  © IFJ

26 April 2018

The NUJ is promoting information for journalists about Giro d'Italia compiled by the Italian and Palestinian journalists' unions after NUJ representatives attending the union’s conference in Southport last week agreed to step up campaigning efforts to support fellow journalists and our sister union in Palestine.

The Israeli government or pro-Israel lobby groups often provided fully-paid visits to journalists to go to the country, and the Giro d'Italia bicycle race, which attracts world-wide media coverage, is due to start on Friday 4 May.

Accepting funding for trips from governments or private organisations could expose journalists to a conflict of interest and undue pressure – and it is basic journalistic ethics to make it clear upon publication when such funding had been used, especially when the money came from organisations involved in attacks on journalists and journalism.

Palestinian journalists will be denied access to report on the Giro D'Italia.

The NUJ has also committed to support journalists who refuse to cover the assignment on ethical grounds.

NUJ members are encouraged to circulate this Giro d'Italia leaflet amongst their colleagues -

Please show solidarity with Palestinian journalists and support this global campaign.

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