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Geoffrey Goodman, major figure in journalism, dies aged 91

13 September 2013

Geoffrey Goodman, doyen of Fleet Street's industrial correspondents, had died aged 91.

Widely admired by trade union leaders – he was for many years the industrial editor of the Daily Mirror – Geoffrey had served with distinction as a wartime pilot with the RA.

In 1946, he began his journalistic career on the Manchester Guardian and the Daily Mirror before moving to the News Chronicle.

A Communist Party member until the early 1950s, he also worked on Tribune. He moved to the Daily Herald, which later became the Sun, just before the News Chronicle closed, and left the Sun for the Daily Mirror in 1969.

There he served as the paper’s influential industrial editor until he retired in 1986. Subsequently he founded the British Journalism Review, in which he wrote in his first editorial for the journal:

"Freedom of the press is uttered as a cliché, and perhaps honoured as an aspiration, but does not appear to be a condition which the nation as a whole fights tigerishly to defend…

"The famous axiom continues to be intoned, but the activity it describes is dominated by interlocking crises: a crisis of standards, a crisis of credibility, a crisis of freedom itself…

"The business is now subject to a contagious outbreak of squalid, banal, lazy and cowardly journalism whose only qualification is that it helps to make newspaper publishers (and some journalists) rich."

Geoffrey is survived by his wife Margit, and their son and daughter.

Tributes to Geoffrey Goodman appeared in all UK national newspapers, including an obituary by Kevin Magure in the Daily Mirror.

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