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Former BBC colleagues of Peter Greste show solidarity

1 July 2014

Journalists have contacted the Egyptian Ambassador in London to express solidarity with colleagues and to protest at the treatment meted out to Al Jazeera journalists detained.

The former BBC colleagues of Peter Greste have sent the following letter to the Ambassador:

Colleagues and friends of Mohamed Fahmy, Baher Mohamed and Peter Greste at the BBC World Service and BBC News & Current Affairs, including former Cairo and Middle East Correspondents and editors, newsroom producers and writers at BBC Bush House during the past fifty years, protest to the Egyptian authorities and the Egyptian judicial system against the unjust jail sentences imposed on Mohamed, Baher and Peter and other journalists from the Al Jazeera news channel.
Whether this process is part of an Egyptian political vendetta against Al Jazeera and its Qatari owners, or an attempt to discourage journalists from the proper coverage of Egypt, or both, we can only state that it is a retrograde step for Egypt and for international journalism.
We appeal to the Egyptian judiciary and to the Egyptian president, Abdel Fatah al-Sisi, to release the Al Jazeera journalists now and thereby try to restore to Egypt its former standing in the Arab world as a nation in which all journalists could operate freely and impartially.


  • Ken Brazier, former Editor BBC External Services News, and Cairo Correspondent
  • Bob Jobbins, former Editor in Chief of BBC World Service News and Cairo Correspondent
  • Barnaby Mason, former BBC Cairo Ccorresponden
  • Roland Challis, former BBC Cairo Correspondent
  • Jack Thompson, former BBC Cairo Correspondent
  • Kathryn Davies, BBC Newshour presenter and former Guardian Cairo Correspondent
  • Ian Richardson, former head of BBC World Arabic Service
  • Tim Llewellyn, former BBC Middle East Correspondent
  • BBC foreign correspondents Philip Short and Ian Mitchell

World Service journalists:

  • Sally-Anne Thomas
  • David Powers
  • Deepak Tripathi
  • Viv Marsh
  • Ian Hoare
  • Peter Shaw
  • Sally Hodgkinson
  • Nick Nugent
  • John Bamber
  • Michael Popham
  • Zina Rohan
  • Teresa Guerreiro
  • Alex Kirby
  • Colleen Murrell
  • Rita Payne
  • Ruth Hogarth
  • Barbara Probst
  • Vivienne Rush
  • Mike Brown
  • Mike Jervis

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