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First ever Welsh NUJ press card issued

© Neil Taylor

29 October 2013

Neil Taylor is the first NUJ member to have a dual-language version of the UK national press card.

The union's last Delegate Meeting (DM 2012) agreed to support the proposal, and the new cards were made available earlier this year.

Neil Taylor, NUJ member, said:

"I am genuinely honoured to be the first person in Wales to have an NUJ press card in Welsh and English. This was my baby. I put the idea to the Welsh executive council and worked with others on the format and translation.
"I prepared the motion from the North Wales Coast branch to the last NUJ delegate meeting to get press cards in Wales issued.
"It just happened that my press card ran out in July and on renewal I asked for one of the new bi lingual ones when they were ready. This is a very happy coincidence."

John Toner, NUJ national organiser for freelance and Wales said:

"Squeezing twice as much information onto the dual-language card was not easy for the firm that produces it, but we eventually came up with a way of doing it whilst ensuring the card remains recognisable."

The union has a range of Welsh language material available for NUJ applicants and members. NUJ Wales also has its own section of this website.

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