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Exciting new programme for NUJ reps’ training

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6 September 2019

Putting together a pay claim, dealing with a bullying manager, creating an active chapel and negotiating a robust house agreement are among the skills of a successful rep.

Reps are the bedrock of the union and the NUJ offers full support and training to help them do their role, recruit more members to lighten the load and provide that collective voice for staff, casuals and freelances working in media, publishing and PR and communications.

That is why the NUJ reps’ training has been revamped this autumn with the three-stage programme extended to four to encompass health and safety and equality modules in a package to meet all the needs of a member representing colleagues and negotiating with employers.
The course will equip a rep with an understanding of the key elements of the Equality Act, employment and health and safety legislation. It will give an understanding of the union’s structures and how to set up a branch and chapel. It outlines strategies, arguments and tactics to support the union’s position and to resolve disputes and problems at work. It shows, through role play, how to conduct a formal disciplinary procedure. It gives a rep the confidence to carry out their role and where to get support and advice when needed.

The classes are a great way for reps to come together to share workplace problems and solve them. Classmates often stay in contact to help each other out long after the course.

Once the four stages are completed, there is a range of specialised and advanced courses to follow, such as: dealing with bullying, harassment and stress; advanced negotiation; organising and recruitment; advanced health and safety; union learning and employment law updates. NUJ training has run workshops on understanding pension schemes and the courses are updated regularly in line with new working practices and laws and can be customised to meet the needs of all NUJ reps and members.

The courses take place at the union’s head office in King’s Cross, London and at Manchester, Cardiff and Dublin.

Don’t worry if you are currently on the three-stage programme. Once you have completed it, you will be offered bespoke courses to cover the additional content in the four-stage programme.

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The training programme is run by Caroline Holmes.

Caroline is an NUJ member who has been working in trade union training for over 20 years. She managed and taught on the International Labour and Trade Union Studies degree at Ruskin College in Oxford. As a union rep, her roles have included health and safety, negotiating, organising and recruitment, and organising learning events.


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