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DM2014: Changes in union subscriptions

12 April 2014

NUJ delegates decided at the union’s Eastbourne conference that subscriptions would be increased annually during the next two years.

Members seeking to pay reduced subscriptions on the basis of the "one per cent of income rule" would normally pay £10 (€11.50) a month, although the national executive council has the power to authorise reductions to one per cent of taxable income – provided that the minimum rate of contribution would be no less than one-third of the Grade 1 subscription rate of £15 (€18) per month.

The new subscription rates for members not claiming reductions under the "one per cent rule" are:

  • Grade 1: £15 (€18) per month (provincial newspapers, books, magazines outside London, independent local radio and those employed outside the UK and the Irish Republic)
  • Grade 2: £18 (€23) per month (press and public relations, magazines and advertising copywriters)
  • Grade 3: £25 (€31) per month (national newspapers, news agencies and broadcasting)

Members specialising in new media, photographic or video work are graded according to their employer.

A proposal from the NEC to introduce a new, earnings-related subscriptions structure failed to secure the two-thirds majority of votes required for finance motions.

Some speakers against the NEC proposal said they accepted the principle of earnings-related subscriptions, but were concerned that the proposal could create divisions in workplaces among members paying subscriptions under the existing structure and those subscribing to a new, earnings-related system.

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