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DM2011: Support for local and national action against cuts

9 April 2011

The NUJ will work with other unions and campaigning groups in a broad, national campaign against the government's public spending cuts.

Delegates backed plans to involve as many members as possible in anti-cuts activity including co-ordinating strike action with other unions and urging the TUC to co-ordinate a 24-hour national strike.

The move follows the TUC organised march and rally in March that saw 500,000 people take to the streets in London in the biggest demonstration since the Stop the War march eight years ago and the biggest union demonstration for a generation. Hundreds of journalists marched with the NUJ on the day.

The union will work with anti-cuts groups at local and national level including the Coalition of Resistance; National Shop Stewards Network; students; disability groups; Black Activists Rising Against the Cuts and UK Uncut.

David Crouch, a member of London central branch and a journalist at the Financial Times, said that there was "something big and inclusive" in the protests against the cuts. He said that a delegation from the FT had gone on the TUC organised march in the Spring and that that would have been unthinkable not long ago.

Peter Murray, NUJ president, said that the TUC march was "absolutely inspirational" because groups acted in unity.

"It wasn't one organisation pulling against another but everyone pulling together."

Some unions, including the civil service union PCS, are looking to try to co-ordinate strike action at the end of June.

South Yorkshire branch moved a composite motion calling for the NUJ to back co-ordinated action, which said:

"The response of the trade union movement in countries such as Greece and France should act as a model for resistance here. We need to build the fight against the cuts at a local and national level both through political campaigning and mass industrial action."

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