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Countdown to Irish Delegate Conference

5 November 2019

Countdown to Irish Delegate Conference

Delegates at the Biennial Delegate Meeting in Dublin on November 16 will reflect on two years of significant challenges for the union in Ireland.

Jointly chaired by Gerry Carson and Bernie Mullen the conference at the Hotel Riu Plaza will debate a wide range of motions on media freedom, employment rights, terms and conditions of employment and media freedom. 

In the introduction to his report Séamus Dooley, Irish Secretary sets the tone for conference.

“The theme of BDC 2019 ‘Defending Journalism in Times of Crisis’ reflects the current state of the media in Ireland.  The undermining of employment rights, threats to public service broadcasting, the devaluing of freelance workers, lack of editorial investment and the failure of government to tackle precarious employment practices have combined with technological innovations and dramatic changes in consumer preferences to exacerbate the sense of crisis within the Irish media.

Lyra McKees’ legacy reaffirms the pivotal importance of independent, ethically informed journalism, journalism which is worth defending, especially in times of crisis.

While Lyra’s murder casts a long shadow over our conference we can also look with pride at our achievements since BDC 2017 and look with determination to the future."

While industrial and organisational issues are to the fore sinister threats to media freedom and human rights will cast a shadow over proceedings.

Owen Reidy, Assistant General Secretary, Irish Congress of Trade Unions will join in paying tribute to Lyra McKee as delegates reflect on her murder and her legacy.

BDC 2019 will be the first national gathering since her death and will be marked by a formal presentation of books of condolences held by the union since her funeral. 

In paying tribute to Lyra General Secretary Michelle Stainstreet will present Sara Cannning will NUJ books of condolences signed in the aftermath of her partners murder.

Sara will be among the participants at a conference seminar on Hate Speech, Journalism and Social Media: Challenges and Responsibilities chaired by broadcaster Fran McNulty, Vice Chair, RTÉ sub branch.

Details of the agenda and the Biennial Report of the Irish Secretary are available in the members only section: