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Collective bargaining

12 May 2017


The NUJ works on behalf of members, most often a local chapel, with media employers to discuss changes to employees' terms and conditions.

Collective bargaining covers workers in a defined bargaining unit which can include all employees or just certain groups of workers. Terms and conditions usually covered in collective bargaining include pay, holidays and working hours.

Employers must give certain information to the union to help it with the bargaining process, for example, the company's pay and benefits structure or information about its profits, assets and liabilities.

The code of practice on disclosure of information to trade unions for collective bargaining (pdf), drawn up by the conciliation and arbitration body, ACAS, is a helpful source of information and can be used by NUJ representatives and chapels.

If collective bargaining leads to an agreement, for example about a pay increase or change in working conditions, it is called a collective agreement.


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