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Chapel concern at Indo changes

28 August 2014

The chapel at Independent Newspapers Dublin today paid tribute to Irish Independent editor, Claire Grady, who stepped down after one year at the helm.

Claire Grady was the first women to hold the post and her surprise resignation has disappointed colleagues, coming as it does at a time when management is seeking to enforce major restructuring.

The following motion was passed unanimously:

"Independent Newspapers Chapel notes with disappointment the resignation of Claire Grady as editor of the Irish Independent. The chapel extends best wishes to Claire, a journalist of integrity, ability and commitment.
"The chapel calls on Independent Newspapers (Ireland) to confirm that the consequent vacancy and all future senior editorial appointments will be filled following an open and and transparent interview process, in accordance with best international practice and with due regard to equality legislation and fair recruitment procedures."

In a separate development the chapel also warned management of the impact of what Séamus Dooley, Irish Secretary,identified as "an oppressive management culture" with Independent Newspapers (Ireland).

Séamus Dooley said the culture is reflected in the style of management encouraged throughout the organisation, as reflected in the enforcement of editorial restructuring and re-organisation. The company is pressing ahead with merging of news rosters within the Herald and Sunday World and has refused to honour agreements with the NUJ.

The chapel passed a motion reminding all members that they are entitled under law to dignity in their place of work. The motion stated:

"As an organisation which, through all its publications, calls individuals and institutions to account, INM has a particular obligation to ensure that all employees exercise their authority in an acceptable and civilised manner. The chapel demands that senior management take immediate action to ensure that managers are aware of their obligations in this regard."

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