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Brighton Argus members to strike

11 November 2010

The NUJ's Brighton Argus chapel are set to take 2 days of strike action. Over 90% of members in the chapel vote for action.

The members have set up a blog to cover their action.

The strike is in protest at management plans to move production of the paper to Southampton, with the loss of 5 sub-editing jobs plus the editor's post at the Worthing Sentinel.

Backing the chapel's action, Jeremy Dear, NUJ General Secretary, said:

"Sub-editing a local newspaper from Southampton does make sense – but only if that paper serves Southampton. This move is a continuation of Newsquest's short-sighted policy of spreading resources thinly, ensuring local newspapers are local only in name.
"We've seen local newspapers operations fully or partially moved to regional hubs before and the result is always the same – newspapers that are increasingly less well informed and more remote from the communities they serve, leading to falling circulation and ultimately closure.
"To suggest that The Brighton Argus could be produced outside of the community it serves and reports to, and upon which it relies for revenue, shows a disregard for the quality of the paper and the intelligence of its readership.
"Local knowledge and expertise is crucial to an accurate and effectively edited paper and to throw this invaluable resource away simply in order to cut a few more jobs is a desperately false economy."

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