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BNP accused of hypocrisy over Redwatch website

19 November 2008

The NUJ has accused the British National Party (BNP) of "staggering hypocrisy" after it claimed the publication of lists of its members breached their privacy.

The union also renewed calls on the Government to act to close down Redwatch, a neo-nazi website that urges supporters to target journalists.

Jeremy Dear, NUJ General Secretary, said:

"For years, we have been demanding government action to close down websites such as Redwatch, which seek to intimidate and silence media by publishing the photos, names and addresses of journalists who expose the criminal activities or racist views of BNP members and other far-right and neo-nazi thugs.
"Despite innocent people being physically assaulted and threatened after having their details published on these sites, we have never heard a single condemnation of this gross breach of privacy or unlawful harassment and intimidation from Nick Griffin or the BNP.
"Yet, today, they seek to invoke the very Human Rights Act they want to abolish to protect the identity of their members. They have exposed their hypocrisy once again.
"Whilst some may laugh at the BNP's discomfort today, the Government should step up its efforts to put an end to the threats and intimidation which Redwatch perpetrate every day. NUJ members have had their windows smashed, have been physically assaulted, have had their homes targeted and have had threats in the workplace – simply for doing their job and unless action is taken to stop such thuggery there is a danger of a chilling effect on the media and journalists in covering such vital issues of public interest."

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