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Black Lives Matter, NUJ members protest

Second & third right are the NUJ's Black members council chair Marc Wadsworth and BMC rep Gary McFarlane  -  © Private

10 August 2016

Black members council veterans of anti-racist campaigning Marc Wadsworth and Gary McFarlane were on a march on Saturday 6 August that marked the fifth anniversary of the shooting dead by police of a black man at Tottenham, north London.

The death of Mark Duggan, 29, sparked five nights of riots that started in Tottenham and spread to other parts of the country such as Birmingham, Manchester and Bristol.

Some sections of the media were criticised for biased coverage that commentators said demonised black youth and failed to look at the root causes of the civil disturbances. Afterwards, Wadsworth organised the Media and the Riots conference, whose participants were black youth, journalists, scholars and speakers, including then NUJ president Donnacha DeLong.

On Saturday demonstrators said the march was also in memory of other black people who have died in controversial circumstances including Cynthia Jarrett, Joy Gardner, Roger Sylvester and Jermaine Baker.

Marc Wadsworth, the NUJ Black members council chair, said:

"The council is keen to complement its work in the NUJ by linking with campaigns outside the union. For instance, we have sent a message of support and called for a meeting with the new NUS president Malia Bouattia, who is the organisation’s first black, woman, muslim leader and suffered a bad press. It is important the NUJ work’s with and has the confidence of the diverse communities in which our members work."

On Friday, Black Lives Matter protesters blocked roads in Nottingham, Birmingham and the M4 at Heathrow, in a day of anti-racist activism that got lots of media coverage.

Watch the film: Injustice about the struggles for justice by the families of people that have died in police custody.

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