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BBC unions file joint pay claim

26 January 2012

The NUJ has submitted a joint pay claim, with BECTU and Unite, to the BBC calling for an increase of RPI plus 2 per cent, with a minimum increase of £1,000.

The claim is for all staff employed in bands 2 to 11 and includes a demand for the reinstatement of salary appeals and for a place on the BBC’s Executive Remuneration Committee. 

In its letter to the BBC, the joint-union claim said:

"Over the years the BBC has consistently reduced staff remuneration with year on year low pay awards which in real terms amounts to a pay cut.  A further year of below inflation pay is completely unacceptable."

Sue Harris, NUJ broadcasting organiser, said:

"On top of the poor pay deals, our members have also suffered an increased workload caused by wave after wave of redundancies.  We believe this is a fair claim. 
"If the BBC believes it is right to pay out bonuses such as the £155,000 received by Chris Kane, head of corporate real estate, taking his total to £370,000, then surely BBC staff, who on average earn around £30,000, should be due a modest pay increase of RPI plus 2 per cent."

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