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BBC pay offer is put out to ballot

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26 July 2016

BBC members are being asked to vote on whether to accept the BBC's offer for a pay deal of 1 per cent, with an increase of no less than £400.

Members had made a claim of 3 per cent across the board with a minimum increase of £1,000, along with a number of other elements including sick pay, salary progression and London Weighting.

The BBC's original offer was improved to favour lower paid members and means that all staff earning less than £40,000 would have a pay increase of more than 1 per cent. The 1 per cent will also be applied to floors, ceilings, UPA and Flexibility Allowances and Fully Effective Salaries.

London Weighting and other allowances will not be increased, but will be part of separate joint review of BBC terms and conditions which the BBC aims to have concluded by the end of the second quarter of 2017.The proposed changes to the expenses policy will now form part of this review

Members must vote by Thursday 11 August. Once agreed, the pay deal will be backdated to 1 August.

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