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BBC faces strike over pension 'robbery'

19 July 2010

The BBC will face co-ordinated strike action by five unions unless it ditches its threatened "pensions' robbery", the NUJ has warned.

Union reps representing all BBC staff have given the Corporation's managers notice that, unless they gave a guarantee at their meeting with them today that the value of pensions already earned would be protected and plans to force through punitive changes to the staff pension scheme dropped, thousands of BBC staff would be balloted for strike action.

The threat comes after the BBC announced plans to cap pensionable pay at 1% from April 2011 and revalue pensions at a lower level, effectively devaluing pensions already earned. The BBC has also said in future those promoted would not be able to count their full pay rise towards their pension.

Jeremy Dear, NUJ General Secretary, said:

"This is nothing short of a pensions' robbery which has provoked unprecedented anger and resentment amongst staff across the BBC. While managers can look forward to gold-plated pensions, thousands of BBC staff will be left significantly worse off in retirement.
"The BBC has broken its promises to staff and is undermining the value of people's pensions. The BBC must withdraw these proposals or face the prospect of widespread strike action and industrial unrest over the coming months.
"We remain committed to finding a negotiated settlement to address the BBC's pensions shortfall – but not at the expense of the value of pensions already earned."

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