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BBC Scotland journalists start work to rule

BBC Scotland journalists are starting a work to rule from midnight over compulsory redundancies.

NUJ calls action at BBC Scotland

The BBC Scotland NUJ chapel met today in response to the threatened compulsory redundancies and agreed unanimously to take work to rule action.

NUJ calls on luxury book publisher to pay wages

Opus Media Group plc publish large print, glossy, luxury books which run into hundreds of pages and often weigh over 30kg.

NUJ Scotland champions media diversity

Media organisations in Scotland are under a duty to promote diversity in their workplaces.

NUJ launches dispute with BBC Scotland over "intimidation"

The NUJ has entered into dispute proceedings with the BBC Scotland over its selection process for redundancies. The corporation is looking for a possible 15 compulsory redundancies.

NUJ raises alarm over Scots BBC jobs

The NUJ’s Scottish organiser has told BBC management it will be almost impossible to find enough volunteers for redundancy in the short time-frame given to losing 35 job losses across Scotland.

NUJ defends Scottish journalists against bullying and intimidation

The NUJ Scottish Executive Council has expressed concern at the increase in intimidation and bullying of journalists and is keen to contribute to the debate about the role of the media in coverage of Scottish politics.

Scottish government 'must save media industry'

The NUJ has called for the Scottish government to launch an inquiry into the future of the country's media.

NUJ member Alieu Ceesay wins fight to stay in the UK

The NUJ Glasgow Branch member Alieu Ceesay, an asylum seeking journalist, has been allowed to stay in the UK.

Save the Daily Record & Sunday Mail

The NUJ is demanding that Trinity Mirror reconsider its plans to axe jobs at the Daily Record & Sunday Mail.

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