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#DM16: Who has the whip hand?

Steve Bell, Guardian cartoonist donates the orginal artwork to a NUJ charity event at Delegate Meeting.

ICTU congress backs NUJ stance on freelance rights

Delegates at the Irish Congress of Trade Unions’ Biennial Delegate Conference in Belfast backed NUJ demand for an amendment to competition law.

Young members report back from TUC conference

The Young Workers Conference is a meeting of young trade unionists that advises the TUC General Council on issues that affect young people at work.

TUC Women's Conference supports NUJ motion on parenthood

NUJ motions calling for a campaign for parenthood to become a protected characteristic under the Equality Act and for media companies to protect journalists against online abuse were overwhelmingly carried.

TUC LGBT conference: Unionised workplaces promote ethical journalism

Bad journalism can have a significant impact on the lives of LGBT people and other groups of vulnerable workers, Mike Smith told the TUC's LGBT annual conference.

Don’t Tweet me this way - NUJ women's conference 2012

The 2012 NUJ women's conference heard about the experience of many female journalists and bloggers who find themselves victims of the vile, sexually-violent invective of internet trolls.

Ethical journalism championed at TUC disabled workers conference

Delegates at the TUC's 2012 disabled workers conference warmly supported the NUJ's motion on media ethics.

Where are all the women?

Where are all the Women? Sexism in the media: conference report and podcast.

Taking on the media barons: the fight starts now

Revelations of a secret meeting between Rupert Murdoch and Margaret Thatcher in 1981 that cleared the way for him to buy the Times and Sunday Times was the perfect taster to a conference.

TUC women's conference: Why media must protect its staff

An NUJ motion at the TUC Women's conference, urging media organisations to ensure women journalists are safe in their work, has been passed unanimously.

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