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Sports bylines - where are all the women?

Deirdre O’Neill highlights the massive under-representation of women working in sports media.

How the frailer vessel fought back

The Chainmakers festival commemorates the 10-day strike by women in 1910 to secure a minimum wage. Today the battle for equal pay goes on.

TTIP: time for action

John Hilary calls for global action against free trade deals on Saturday 18 April.

Journalists, surveillance and the police: How can the secret state learn to live with the fourth estate?

The union is committed to campaign for a shield law for journalists, one that is fit for purpose and part of new legislation.

Blacklisting: The next chapter is waiting to be written

NUJ member Phil Chamberlain explains the story of trade union blacklisting.

'I’m proud of the justice' says NUJ rep at RCN

Laura Downes, the MoC at RCN Publishing explains the challenges and advantages of leading change on behalf of the NUJ in her workplace.

#jesuisCharlie, Dublin

Séamus Dooley, The NUJ's Irish Secretary, reflects on the union's solidarity and remembrance gathering in Dublin, before going on to the Paris march.

Why local journalists matter: Shaun Lintern

Health Service Journal's Shaun Lintern on why it is important that a "young, underpaid but nonetheless enthusiastic journalist" will be watching what's happening in your town hall.

Journalists must be vigilant with security & communications

Ewen MacAskill, The Guardian's defence and intelligence correspondent, applauds the NUJ for its campaign against snooping on journalists.

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