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Northern Irish police return journalist's mobile phone

The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) has returned the phone it seized from Derry freelance journalist, Eamonn MacDermott, after public protests by the NUJ.

Northern Irish police seize journalist's mobile phone

The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) has seized a mobile phone belonging to a Derry-based freelance journalist.

Successful campaign saves Radio Foyle

The NUJ has welcomed the BBC's decision to develop its Radio Foyle output in Derry, rather than scrap it.

Sunday World Northern Editor attacked in Belfast

The Northern Editor of the Sunday World has been attacked in Belfast.

PSNI calls for Suzanne Breen to pay court costs

A leading NUJ official has said it would be a "travesty of justice" if a Belfast-based journalist is forced to pay costs for defending a case that posed a threat to her life.

Artists and politicians support Suzanne Breen campaign

Hundreds of politicians, human rights campaigners, celebrities and journalists have joined forces to support NUJ member Suzanne Breen, who faces jail if she refuses to hand over material to police in Northern Ireland.

Court date set for Suzanne Breen case

NUJ member, Suzanne Breen, who is fighting a bid by the Police Service of Northern Ireland to seize her notes of conversations with the Real IRA, is back in court next week.

Suzanne Breen determined to protect sources

NUJ member Suzanne Breen that whatever a court orders, she will refuse to do anything that reveals her sources in line with the union’s Code of Conduct.

Suzanne Breen court battle wins international support

Supporters around the world are backing NUJ member, Suzanne Breen, who faces jail for refusing to hand over her notes to the police.

Photographer attacked at Belfast funeral

The NUJ has strongly condemned the violent attack on a photographer covering a funeral in Belfast.

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