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Local News Matters - let’s tell people what we do & why it matters

Seamus Dooley launches the union's local news matters week of action starting today

Attending the Assange trial - day four

Arguments in court focused on whether Assange's work was political

Attending the Assange trial - day three

Arguments centre on whether it is admissible to extradite those accused of ‘political’ offences

Attending the Assange trial - day two

On the first day of trial, Assange was handcuffed 11 times, searched naked twice, put in five separate holding cells and had his papers taken from him

Attending the Assange trial - day one

The decision to 'ramp up the charges' against Assange was made to try and make him an example, said Edward Fitzgerald QC

The dystopian possibilities of facial recognition technology

Surveillance cameras and artificial intelligence create an all-seeing eye, says NEC member Tim Dawson

#DM20: Important message to branch officers

Branches now need to submit the names of delegates for the union's Delegate Meeting in April

UK government fails to deliver on public interest news

The government's response to the Cairncross Review recommendations is a wasted opportunity

Resounding NUJ victory in landmark equal pay case

This outcome should also be a wake-up call for all employers.

Union reminds UK authorities journalism is not a crime

The union has pledged support for NUJ member and journalist Sarah Harrison in an FOI legal challenge

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