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Local News Matters - Does it?

Dominic Blake looks back at 20 years with the BBC

Local News Matters - Celebrating & supporting local journalism

Week after week journalists at local papers and radio stations cover the stories and amplify the local voices that would not receive that attention otherwise

Local News Matters - Give me 500 words & we’ll take it from there

Freelance NUJ member Michelle Edwards explains her work as a local campaigning journalist

Local News Matters - Supporting high-quality independent journalism

A new charity called the Public Interest News Foundation has been launched in the UK

Local News Matters - Flipping the pyramid of media ownership to sustain public-interest reporting

To address the media revenue collapse requires immediate and long term measures, including a reimagining of local journalism

Local News Matters - Quality is more important than clicks

Martin Shipton provides an insight into the challenges for journalists and local newspapers

NUJ statement: Coronavirus

For now we are working on the assumption that the union's delegate meeting will proceed as planned

Local News Matters - Why Bureau Local wants to "change the story"

Bureau local nurtures a sense of collective support, morale and cooperation

Local News Matters - Local newspapers do matter. Period.

In Ireland, newspapers not only provide the stories local readers want; they reflect the community they represent

Local News Matters - Journalism is reaching a crunch point & we must defend what we still have

People turn to local and Welsh national media to find out about decisions that have a vast impact on their lives

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