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NUJ calls for no detrimental changes to official secrets laws

Union highlights NUJ members long and proud history of defending the public's right to know and calls for better safeguards for journalists and journalism.

Collective bargaining

Collective bargaining is part of trade union rights.

Newsquest's disastrous production policy ends with closure of Weymouth subbing hub

After closing its subbing hub in Newport, Newsquest is stopping production in Weymouth ending what the NUJ has called a monumentally-mistaken policy.

End unsafe precarious work, says NUJ

The union’s NEC marked Workers Memorial Day with a moment of reflection at the beginning of its April meeting in London.

As a local sports reporter, you can't take your eye off the ball

Suzanne Geldard provides an insight to her work on the job covering local football as part of the union's local news matters week.

MPs called to act as Brighton Argus stress survey scores red alert

Journalists at the Brighton Argus, which has changed editors three times in as many months have just taken part in a survey about workplace stress

Community value journalism?

Dr Rachel Matthews highlights the complexities and experiences found by her research as part of the union's local news matters week.

The importance of BBC Local Radio is increasing

"We live here, we work here, we are proud of here. We are the BBC here." says Andy Comfort as part of local news matters week.

Local journalists are the eyes & ears of the public in Liverpool

Journalist Mark Johnson explains why local news is vital in his home town.

Research launch & debate in parliament on local news matters

New research reveals depth of crisis in local and regional media.

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