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All photographers to go on the Brighton Argus

1 October 2015

Newsquest's assault on its photographic staff continued this week with the announcement of further redundancies at the Brighton Argus.

The company intends to reduce the pictures department from three full-time photographers to one full-time picture editor as part of its policy to use readers' pictures and freelance contributions.

The announcement, in a letter from group editor Mike Gibson, said the consultation  period on the job losses would end on  Friday 30 October.

Two photographers lost their jobs at the Argus in March.

Laura Davison, NUJ national organiser, said:

"These photographers have already been through the redundancy mill once this year. Now just a few short months later they are being told again that their skills and experience is no longer needed or valued.
"It's blatant cost cutting by Newsquest with no regard to their staff as human beings. The unjust way people are being treated across the company is nothing short of scandalous."

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