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Alamy should value photographers

21 December 2018

In 2010 photographers were told their commission for images sold via Alamy would drop from 60 per cent to 50 per cent.  

In December 2018, Alamy again decided to cut the rate and declared they were pushing the commission down further to 40 per cent, saying this new lower rate would be implemented in February 2019. 

The NUJ urged Alamy not to go ahead with this decision, subsequently the company reinstated the 50 per cent royalty rate to contributors who provide photos exclusively to Alamy. 

The NUJ has called for Alamy to reward photographers fairly for their work and will continue to campaign for fair rates for the job.  

Natasha Hirst, chair of the NUJ photographers' council, said: 

"Alamy is still ripping off photographers but the NUJ welcomes the partial company climbdown on commission rate cuts. The person who does the work should receive the majority of the income that is generated from their efforts.
"The proposals made by the company are likely to be complicated to administer, and we don't actually know how many contributors, if any, will benefit financially. Photographers have kept their faith with Alamy despite the commissioning rate cuts. NUJ members, at the very least, want to see Alamy keep their promise not to further erode photographer rates. We hope that Alamy keep this in mind when the company reveal more detailed plans next year."

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