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Locked out: liberating disabled people’s lives and rights in Wales beyond COVID-19

This report is about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on disabled people.

07 Jul 2021
The Journalist December 2020 January 2021

It's not long now until we welcome the new year and we will all be hoping that it brings much better fortune than this year.

Cover: The Journalist December 2020 January 2021

15 Dec 2020
NUJ guidance – Covid-19 Health, safety, wellbeing & work

Health and Safety Committee notes for members, reps, chapels and branches.

Coronavirus graphic

Mental Health Awareness Week 2020

This year’s mental health awareness week (18-24 May) finds us in strange and difficult times – in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

WFMH World Mental Health Day 2020 banner

21 May 2020
Dementia-friendly media and broadcast guide

This is a practical guide from the Alzheimer's Society for media, broadcast and creative sectors representing or reporting on dementia.

Cover: Dementia-friendly media and broadcast guide

17 Oct 2018
Improvements to gender pay gap reporting requirements

The NUJ has called for a number of changes to the gender pay gap auditing requirements:

stamp out sexism banner

Measuring and reporting on disability and ethnicity pay gaps

Equality and Human Rights Commission report that considers the most effective and useful ways for employers to measure pay and progression for ethnic minorities and disabled people.

Diversity matters detail

Mental health and the workplace: A TUC Education workbook

Mental health and the workplace is an increasingly important issue for trade unions.

Cover: TUC Mental health and the workplace

30 Aug 2018
The Journalist July August 2018

Copyright has been under sustained attack in the digital age, whether it is through flagrant breaches by people hoping they can use photos and content without paying or genuine ignorance by some who believe that if something is downloadable then it’s free.

Cover: The Journalist July August 2018

02 Jul 2018

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