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Pay & Privatisation: TUCG fringe meeting


Monday 11 September 2017


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Room 1B, Brighton Conference Centre, King's Rd, BN1 2GR




Chair: Steve Gillan (POA general secretary);

Speakers:  Matt Wrack (FBU general secretary); Mark Serwotka (PCS general secretary); Mick Cash (RMT general secretary); Joanna de Groot (UCU president).

Privatisation and cuts in pay, terms and conditions for those delivering public services have been the key principles of the Tories’ austerity agenda for the last 7 years. Despite the impact of the cuts and the heroic role played by emergency service staff and public servants in the appalling Grenfell Tower tragedy and the devastating terrorist attacks in London and Manchester, that policy remains in place.

During the general election, Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign generated huge popular support for an anti-austerity
programme and socialist renewal.

We need to build upon that wave of enthusiasm for a new approach. Theresa May is critically damaged and the
government, its majority gone and forced to rely for support on the DUP, faces a real battle to survive.

The writing is on the wall for the Tories, yet they continue to ‘slash and burn’, selling off vital public assets as well as swathes of the public sector to their big business friends. Privatisation drives down the rights of workers, ruining their living standards and destroying the service they provide. Public services should not be run for private profit and bringing rail and the public utilities back into public ownership has been shown to have widespread popular appeal.

For the first time in years there is now a real hope of change. The trade union movement must unite and fight the Tories and their agenda of cuts, privatisation and their relentless attacks on the working class. The TUCG
will be at the forefront of the campaign to defend public services and ensure those who deliver them receive the pay they deserve.

All welcome, refreshments provided.

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