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NUJ DM 2016 report to delegate meeting

PDF 4010kb

Conference report of work done since the last delegate meeting, this report will be presented to the union's delegate meeting in Southport in April 2016

NUJ general secretary election

PDF 366kb

Notice for applications for the election of the NUJ general secretary

IFJ Live News

PDF 1268kb

The IFJ survival guide for journalists covering war zones.

NUJ briefing on the TU bill for the Lords debate January 2016

PDF 229kb

In the debate, NUJ concerns were highlighted by Baroness Bakewell, her speech and the full transcript of the debate is available online on the parliamentary website:
More about the NUJ campaign:

TUC guide to work and well-being 2015

PDF 845kb

This TUC guide gives advice on the wide range of attempts being made to promote 'well-being'. It will help trade union reps tackle management when work and work practices are likely to be the cause of workforce ill health.

Safety guide for journalists 2015

PDF 842kb

A handbook for reporters in high-risk environments.

Going Solo: NUJ guide for moving from staff to freelance photography

PDF 1145kb

This brief guide will assist when considering commissions for freelance work from an individual, company or organisation. This document largely refers to the UK so please note that there may be different arrangements for those working in the Republic of Ireland.

Reporting on refugees - NUJ Ireland & UNHCR guidance

PDF 104kb

Guidance by and for journalists.

TUC guide for supporting members with invisible impairments

PDF 109kb

The TUC good practice guide for workplace representatives to help them support trade union members with invisible impairments.

Guidelines on reporting HIV 2010

PDF 2241kb

NAT worked with the NUJ, Society of Editors and Press Complaints Committee to produce guidelines on reporting HIV which provide practical information on how to report on HIV in an accurate and non-stigmatising way. This information includes current facts and stats on HIV and is an updated version of the guidelines originally produced in April 2007. The updated version contains information for journalists on HIV testing and the risks of transmission - the topics most commonly mis-reported.

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