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Jeremy Dear at TUC Congress 2009, Liverpool

PDF 11kb

Speech by Jeremy Dear to TUC Congress, Tuesday 15 September 2009, Liverpool

The NUJ's economic stimulus plan for local media

PDF 23kb

Local media is being undermined by the sapping away of resources from local newsrooms and a failure by major companies to invest in quality journalism. The following plan could be implemented by government as a strategic and coordinated response to the decline in local media. Any action must focus on improving investment in local journalism – ensuring communities get the quality of news they deserve.

Review of the local and regional media merger regime

PDF 41kb

Response from the National Union of Journalists to the Office of Fair Trading.

Mind the funding gap

PDF 333kb

The potential of industry levies for continued funding of public service broadcasting – An IPPR report for BECTU and the NUJ.

Jobs Summit 2009: Show me the money!

PDF 30kb

Media companies have been making billions over the last few years. Even with the downturn, most still expect to be profitable this year.

Read for information about the money being made and to find out how we can support you with information on your employer.

Jobs Summit 2009: motion adopted

PDF 31kb

The motion adopted by NUJ members at the Job Summit 2009.

Jobs Summit 2009: Speech by James Doherty NUJ President

PDF 31kb

Speech by James Doherty, NUJ President, to the Job Summit 2009.

Disappearing freelance work

PDF 184kb

In the spring of 2008, the Freelance Industrial Council (FIC) noted that work was disappearing, very quickly, particularly from the regional newspaper industry, in both the UK and the Republic of Ireland, but the London-based national broadsheets had also started making noticeable cutbacks.

As what happens to freelance work frequently hits staff shortly afterwards, FIC started to collate reports of disappearing work more formally. The implosion of the regional newspaper industry, which gathered momentum later in 2008, with hundreds of threatened redundancies, confirmed freelances’ earlier fears.

Submission to Ofcom’s Second Public Service Broadcasting Review phase 2

PDF 136kb

The NUJ's submission to phase 2 of Ofcom’s Second Public Service Broadcasting Review.

[Graphic images] Photographs of Guy Smallman's injuries

PDF 185kb

These photographs show British photojournalist Guy Smallman's injuries after being being blown up by a stun grenade thrown by a Geneva police officer outside a G8 summit in June 2003. They show him lying injured and the horrific wounds he suffered. One picture clearly shows the exposed bone.

WARNING: These images are extremely graphic.

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