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The Journalist - August/September 2012

PDF 7601kb

The Journalist is the magazine of the NUJ, published six times a year.

Maternity action pregnant at work report 2012

PDF 195kb

Maternity Action Pregnant at work 2012 report

Olympics 2012 - accredited persons, advertising and trademarks

PDF 260kb

Information about accredited persons given special status during the Olympic games and information about specific Olympic offences relating to advertising and trademarks.

Olympics - Legal Guidelines

PDF 111kb

The National Union of Journalists has been assured that there will be no press freedom issues during the Olympics with security guards, police or the military. This know-your-rights guide is designed to help if things go wrong.

10 quick facts about equal pay

PDF 24kb

NUJ document on equal pay.

Equal pay tool kit – a rep's guide

PDF 28kb

This page is designed to give some basic advice about tackling the pay gap where you work.

NUJ guidance for chapels and reps on outsourcing

PDF 63kb

NUJ guidance for chapels and reps on outsourcing.

Open access publishing and editorial quality

PDF 33kb

NUJ briefing on open access publishing and editorial quality.

The Journalist - June/July 2012

PDF 7882kb

The Journalist is the magazine of the NUJ, published six times a year.

EU letter to William Hague

PDF 244kb

letter of protest to William Hague, the Foreign Secretary, on a new EU regulation which will "severely reduce public access to information about the decisions being taken in Brussels that affect our everyday lives and fundamental human rights".

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